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Bet Yisrael is an International (non-profitable) organisation dedicated to the Heavenly Holy Mission of the Torah. Bet Yisrael welcome souls of all tribes across the globe to experience the true repentance and join hands in this Holy Mission. Come! let us unite all the houses of (Efrayim/ Manasseh/ 10 Tribes) and gentiles from the house of Israel. The house of Efrayim reconciling with the house of Yehudah to bring love, peace (shalom) and harmony to the mankind under the divine mandate of Mashiach.

I have read the below terms and conditions of Bet Yisrael International and are in agreement with these terms and conditions.
Declaration From the WatchMen from Israel and Bet Yisra’el International, about the Lost Sheep from the House of Israel united with Bet Yisra’el International:

  • We renounce the “Constantine Jesus” on Every Level.
  • Being a Ger Toshav that has renounced Avodah Zarah
  • We are seeking to learn 7 laws and continue would be to perfect this level and climb deeper into Ger Toshav Status.
  • Praying, hoping to receive the Ger Tushav Status from the Israeli Jews when we start to build our independent nation East of the Jordan river, on the Gates to Sion
  • To be Like Nochri learning Torah compared to High Priest as in Talmud Bava Kama 38a.
  • To be Like Nochri of King Solomon and Naaman.
  • To Engage in proper Mashiach ben Yosef Literature as a Means of Bringing the final redemption close and revealed in our days – Amein
  • HaShem [Hu HaElokim] is the True Redeemer

    If any Israelite group, world wide, is interested to unite with Bet Yisra’el please contact me? I like to Pray for you on the Har HaBait and we like to welcome you home.

Bet Yisrael International:  From Gaddi and Ariel, Many Blessings to all the ShneymAsarHaShevatim (Twelve Tribes) in the Golus, Shalom!!!

This is to inform you that all the existing paid members( i.e paid bet yisrael registered members only) will be sending initially e-Id Card. Please find the sample e-id card.

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