From: GADDI, A Servant of the Most Holy One of Yisrael and Talmid of Rabbi HaTzaddik Yeshuah Melech – To The Twelve Tribes in the Diaspora: Shalom!

Blowing Shofar – Connecting exiled souls from the four corners of the earth


As it is written:  Yehudah was His kodesh (sanctuary), and Yisrael His Kingdom.

Psalms 114:2

Brothers, my heart’s deepest desire and my prayer to Most High for Y’isra’el are for their salvation! 

Brit Hadshah

We Worship:
The Holy One Blessed Be He! Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu!
The Ancient Holy One of Yisrael – Creator of Heavens and Earth

We Follow:
Chassidut Torah FrameWork ( Inner Dimension of the Torah/Soul Torah)

We Observe and Apply:
A Living and a Breathing Torah, Application of Torah, Torah of Mashiach
We Cleave to the Creator of Heavens and Earth:
⦁ Through Heavenly Tzaddik ( i.e Righteous One/Soul of the Shepherd/ Soul Physcian)

We Imitate:
Torah Disciple of Maran Rabbeinu Yeshua, A Jewish Heavenly Tzaddik
⦁ Many Hasid’s call this, becoming a living and breathing Torah

Our Witness:
Worship Almighty One of Yisrael! For the testimony of Yeshua is the Spirit of prophecy speaking in the eyes of Torah is about the spirit of Mashiach ben Yosef.
We will find that our beliefs in Yeshua are indeed very Jewish, a Heavenly Tzaddik, The Righteous One.

Jewish heavenly tzaddik, humble righteous one

We Celebrate:
Sabbaths, New Moons, Passover, First Fruits, Shavuot, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Purim, Hanukkah.

We view:
Brit Hadshah in the eyes of Chassidut Torah Framework
⦁ Brit Hadshah Teachings is about Soul Torah and it is witnessing for the restoration of the lost sheep of Yisrael, who require a renewal or restoration of their covenant

Our Understanding:
Good News to Jews, Lost Sheep of Yisrael and Goyim ( Nations )
⦁ Repent! Gather all the Lost Sheep of Yisrael by reconnecting the Tree of Yosef in restoring heavenly kingdom in Erezt Yisrael.
⦁ Repent! Assemble the House of Yehudha ( Tree of Yehudha) in Jerusalem to restore the service of Beit HaMikdash
⦁ Blowing Shofar and Calling the 70 Nations by grafting into the tree of Avraham through Mashiach in common wealth of Yisrael.

One of my favorite Proverbs says:
Without a prophetic vision, the people throw off all restraint; but he who keeps Torah is happy.
As iron sharpens iron, so one person (Tongue ) sharpens another … but a wholesome tongue is a Tree of Life

BEIT YISRAEL is composed of Three divisions:

Beit Yisrael International, Created with the goal of uniting all of the Lost Tribes of Israel who are mixed with gentiles and together build as a Spiritual Holy Nation in the Diaspora under the divine mandate of Mashiach – Yeshua Tzaddik Melech HaMashiach

Beit Yisrael International – Creating Platform to conduct seminars and teachings from the international leaders of Yisrael – Blowing shofar about Gather the leaders(i.e body of Mashiach) in Unity in the spirit of the Torah of Mashiach

Beit Yaaqov Torah Online University – Building the Torah University to impart Torah Education from India to Africa.

Beit Knesset Efrayim Synagogue – Building Beit Knesset to conduct Lashon HaKhadosh prayers and training in Hebrew classes for the children and the community.

-Rom.10:1, John 10:53, Ezekiel 11:16

We are living in the prophetic times:

Started Behind the rivers of “KUSH” and blowing a SHOFAR to proclaim the World union of the Lost Tribes from Israel – (dispersed) Yehudah and (outcast)Ephraim and their Friends(Gentiles) in the reconciliation with the Jews/House of Yehudah under the Divine Mandate of Mashiach – Tzaddik Yeshua Rabbeinu our Melech Ha Mashiach.

Zephaniah Prophecy:

“From beyond the rivers of KUSH my worshipers, the daughter of my dispersed ones (Ephraim/Manasseh), shall bring My offering.” – Zeph 3:10

Beit Yisrael International Blowing Shofar about the process of Redemption!

The Torah draws people to the wisdom of Almighty One.
Good News of Redemption to whole House of Yisrael and to the Nations
The Mighty One of Yisrael is calling his chosen people out of the 70 Nations to become holy priests and covenant of people in his kingdom
Repent! Return to the Torah and Covenant
Return to the Ancient Paths – A Remnant of Yisrael, A Remnant Shall Return
Divine Mandate of Mashiach – Its time of Ingathering of Exiles and awaiting for the restoration of the Yisrael Kingdom
The House of Yehudah and House of Yisrael are Hashem’s people—the chosen people, a holy nation and kingdom of priests.
-Isaiah 10:20-21,-Jeremiah 6:16, 31:31-36, Hebrews 8: 8-10, psalms 147:2


Tzaddik Abraham Tree: Grafting the Nations into the olive tree of the whole house of Yisrael

 Indeed, says Ezekiel, these will come together under Joseph’s tree and will be united with Judah’s tree so that they make one tree over which the Mashiach, whose soul is the soul of David, the king of Israel (who is very much alive), will rule forever.

As it is written:
The Ancient Holy One of Israel who remembers his Covenant with Abraham remembered through the Ages.This has happened so that he might show the mercy promised to our fathers —that he would remember his holy covenant, the oath he swore before Avraham Avinu to grant us that we, freed from our enemies, would serve him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all our days.

This is the promise our twelve tribes are hoping to see fulfilled as they earnestly serve Most High day and night …… As it is written: “All the families of the ground will be grafted in you”

Also, if you belong to the Mashiach, you are seed of Avraham and heirs according to the promise
Luke 1:72-75, Acts, Gen 12:3, Gal 3:29

Then we read in Genesis Chapter:
[a] The blessing of all “The families of The ground” and of “The nations of The earth” refers only to the seed of Jacob.
[b] The blessing is brought about as a result of obedience.
[c] Seed – It is the Mashiach who brings the Torah blessing.
[d] Israel will bring the blessing upon themselves by believing what the Messiah said and, consequently as a nation, bringing forth the fruits thereof.
“A Nation,” here still refers to Israel, but a different generation.

Here Abraham is depicted as a Tree, and the nations that repent are considered shoots that are grafted in this tree.This also conceals a secret in the Blessings we recite every day; for we always say: “Barukh ata Adonai….” (Blessed art thou, O HaShem… etc) – Barukh (Blessed) as if saying: ‘I am grafting your Holy Name in Me’ and ‘I am being grafted in you, Mighty One of Yisrael’

Besora Ha Geula – Redemption plan:

Jews, non-Jews / Lost Sheep of Yisrael who are scattered among the nations play a critical role in hastening the redemption.
The first plane of redemption, then, which the tzaddik must deal with, is the redemption of the soul of each individual person. – Connected to the concept of Tzaddik Yeshua

The second level of redemption is the redemption of whole house of Yisrael. The people of Israel are in exile; exile means not only living in the Diaspora, but also means that there is no sacred Temple in Jerusalem, no prophecy, and no kingship of the lineage of the House of David. – ( It’s about revelation of Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David,
The mystery is Reconnecting the Tree of Joseph and Reuniting with the Tree of David

The third level, of course, is the redemption of the entire world.

This is the “Good News” message – Redeemer of Yisrael

Mashiach has come to initiate the Jubilee release or Year of freedom. Mashiach came to save and rule his people Israel.
The Role of Heavenly Tzaddik is to become a Light ( Torah ) of Salvation to the Nations
“…Thou shall call his name Yeshua: for he shall save his people ………”
“…That shall rule my people Israel.”
“…..But we were hoping that he was going to redeem Israel”
He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Ancient Holy One shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.
-Matthew 1:21, Matthew 2:6, Luke 1 : 32-33 , Luke 24:21
So Mashiach comes from the fulfilment of the Torah Blessing and redemption from the curse.

This is truly Good News:

The Holy one Blessed Be He! reveal our Righteous Mashiach to the Whole House of Yisrael and to the Nations speedily in our days
Most High is expanding the commonwealth of Yisrael by gathering all the nations into the blessing and grafting into the family of Abraham.
Mashiach Yeshua Tzaddik, as King of Yisrael , Joins all who will come to the Adonai of Yisrael, He will bring to the earth the knowledge of Almighty One!
Mashiach will come to bring unity and peace to the world.


Torah of Mashiach


Torah Call : Connecting Exiled souls ( Lost sheep of Israel/ Efrayim/ Goyim/Gerim) from the four corners of the earth under the divine mandate of Mashiach ben Yosef – Tzaddik Yeshua Melech our Mashiach.

Tzaddik Yeshua Commanded:
Go therefore and make disciples (Torah Students) of all the nations…teaching them to observe all that I commanded you. – Matthew 28

Torah begins with “sod” and ends with “pshat”and SEVENTY FACES OF TORAH – SHIVIM PANIM laTorah – The Torah has 70 faces
“For Torah shall go forth from Zion and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem!” -ISAIAH 2:3
When a fool comes into the study hall and sees everyone busy learning, he asks, “How does a person start learning Torah?” They tell him: “First he learns to read. Then he studies the Five Books of Moses, then the Prophets, then the rest of the written Torah, then he goes on to the Oral Torah, …” The fool says, “When will I ever learn all this?” and he runs away. But the wise man studies a chapter a day… until he completes the entire Torah.- MIDRASH RABBA DEVARIM 8:3

They were amazed at his (Torah) teaching, because his words had authority. – Luke 4:32

The Secrets of Torah belongs to the Whole House of Yisrael
The secret things belong to the Adonai our Most High, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this Torah. -Duet 29:29
⦁ The Teachings of Most High is perfect, renewing life – Ps 19.8.
⦁ “He issued His commands to Jacob, His statements and rules to Israel” -Ps 147.19
⦁ “He issued His commands to Jacob, His statements and rules to Israel” -Ps 147.19
⦁ “Rather the Torah of the Lord is his delight” -Ps 1.2
⦁ “he recites the Torah day and night” -Ps 1.2
⦁ “give truth to Jacob” -Mic 7.20
⦁ “Command salvation for Jacob” -Ps 44.5.
⦁ “no harm is in sight for Jacob” -Num 23.21
⦁ “House of Jacob Rules forever and ever” – Luke 1:32
⦁ “ All the Israel will be Saved” – Romans 11:26

As one says: Clinging to the King clingingly comes through His Son” -Zohar 2:147a.

We Follow Torah and obey Most High Commandments and bear witness to Yeshua as Tzaddik .
We will find that our beliefs in Yeshua are indeed very Jewish, a Heavenly Tzaddik, The Righteous One.
Worship Almighty One of Yisrael! For the testimony of Yeshua is the Spirit of prophecy.
As it is written in Brit Hadshah: The dragon was infuriated over the woman and went off to fight the rest of her children, those who obey HaShem’s commands and bear witness to Yeshua – Revelation 12:17

We understand that Yeshua, Our Heavenly Tzaddik -The Righteous One, was raised to the Right Hand of The Throne of Glory becoming “SHAR Ha PANIM” ( Prince of the Countenance ) in the likeness of the verse in psalms: “Sit at My Right hand” hence, being elevated to a level higher than any of the angels, because the “Tzaddik Soul” is higher than the “angels” and being Connected with concept of first appearance of Mashiach ben Yosef -The Foundation of the world, who received the ‘soul’ of, The Messenger of His Presence – מלאך פניו., for through him the in-gathering of the exiles comes about and through the study of inner dimensional of Torah, in such way the redemption is brought closer until its full revelation of Mashiach ben David.

We witness the Tzaddik within the framework of Torah, And Yeshua-The Righteous One, was raised to the right hand of the Throne of Glory becoming “SHAR Ha PANIM being connected with Mashiach ben Yosef. A Heavenly Tzaddik whose mission was to become a covenant for the people and to embody the soul of Torah and initiate the gathering of the exiled souls of Israel.
Yeshua , Jewish man, Our Heavenly Tzaddik, The Chosen One or The Anointed One for the heavenly mission of restoring the exiled of Israel who require a renewal or restoration of their covenant and become a light of salvation to the gentiles.

Spirit of Prophecy:

As related to Mashiach, As the concept of “Mashiach ben Yosef”. This unification is a role of Messiah ben Yosef:
“the unification of Yesod and Malchut” — This is one of the principal missions of Mashiach ben Yosef:to unify heaven and earth, to unify the two meshichim, which means the tree of Yosef with the tree of Judah during the awakening from below with the joining of Jerusalem above with Jerusalem below by a rebuilt Jerusalem.  Then it will be like a city that is united together (Ps.  122:3)
Interestingly, we find a direct reference to our subject matter in the language of Targum Onkelos:
And Pharaoh said to his servants, “Can we find (someone) like this, a man in whom is the spirit of prophecy from before the Adonai? – Genesis 41:38

The Tzaddik who associates himself with Mashiach through Torah may become “one” with him (i.e., 1 John 2:3-6, John 6:35-59).
Such a person can bring about unifications in the spiritual realms:

Now com and see what the power is of the tzadikim, who hold fast to the Torah and its commandments. They have the power to connect all the emanations making peace between and within the upper and lower worlds.  When the true pure man joins the attribute tzedek (i.e., Malkut) with tzadik (i.e., Yesod) it is then known as YHVH is One, thus creating peace between the upper heavenly court and the lower one. The heavens and the earth are united by this person.

In all his wisdom and insight he has made known to us his secret plan, which by his own will he designed beforehand in connection with the Messiah  and will put into effect when the time is ripe — his plan to place everything in heaven and on earth under the Messiah’s headship – Eph 1: 8-10
Such a union enables a person to share in the soul or “mind” of the Messiah (i.e., 1 Corinthians 2:16).   

For this is the way of wisdom — to acquire ideas one after another until, in the end, there emerges one complete concept for which all of the prefaces were necessary.
From Da’ath Tevunoth (The Knowing Heart)
Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto

Tzaddik HaDor — The most spiritually enlightened and righteous one,And if found worthy, they also believe that one Tzaddik HaDor will become Tzaddik Yesod Olam, the righteous one who is the foundation of the world, the ultimate Tzaddik ― the Messiah.
That their may emerge one complete tru concept of The Rightous One of Pro 10:25 ……the righteous has an everlasting foundation. 
‘Now, it is written, “These are the offspring of Yaakov; Yosef”.
[Yosef] is the aspect of Yesod, which is the aspect of the
“Upper Righteous One” (Tzadik Elyon). He is also called
“the small Vav” (Vav Ze’ira)…….’
(Shaar HaYichud The Gate of Unity chapter 36)

The important to understand that there are striking similarities between the Hasidic concept of clinging to a tzaddik and the Scriptural understanding of clinging to Yeshua, who we believe is the Tzaddik Yesod Olam — the Messiah — they are waiting for.

This righteous man “draws everything to him, for the true Tzaddik is the foundation of the world and everything derives from him.  All the other tzaddikim are only branches of the true Tzaddik.
And yet, “Service of G-d is nothing without [clinging to] the True Tzaddik,” said Rabbi Nachman.  (Likutey Etzot, 255)
 Our Chassidic brothers (Breslov, Chabad, etc.) would also tell you that we certainly need Mashiach. They have some amazing insights into the purpose of a Tzadik [a righteous one]. Chassidus teaches that it is through the Tzadik (eg. the Rebbe) that one can drawn closer to the holiness of HaShem. Through a Tzadik, one can become attached to HaShem. This is called “devekut” [cleaving]. Deuteronomy 10:20 says,
You shall fear HaShem your Elohim; you shall serve Him, and to Him you shall hold fast [tid’bak from davak = “cleave”] , and take oaths in His Name. -Duet 10:20
In Deuteronomy 4:4 we are told the result of that “clinging” to HaShem. Life. But HaShem is a consuming fire:

For HaShem your Elohim is a consuming fire… -Deuteronomy 4:24a
How is it possible to cling to one, whose very Presence will consume us? Therein lies the purpose for the Tzadik [the rightous one]. Chassidus teaches that the Tzadik, by his elevated holiness, is able to attach himself to HaShem, and on the Tzadik’s merit is not consumed. In turn, the Tzadik’s disciples cleave to their Rebbe and find the comfort and safety of HaShem. Chassidus teaches that Moses was the ultimate Tzadik that provided a means for all Israel to cleave to HaShem.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov:
“If the Tzaddik displays exceptional spiritual powers, the mystery does not lie in some notion of intrinsic superiority. The spirituality he possesses IS THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE TORAH ITSELF!! – for the Tzaddik is one who has brought his entire being so totally under the dominion of the Torah that his every thought is a Torah thought, every word he says is Torah, and every deed is for the sake of Torah. This explains why the Rabbis said, “How foolish are the people who rise out of respect before a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) but will not stand up in honor of a great man (Maccot 22b). For the Tzaddik is one whose every thought, word and deed is a MANIFESTATION OF TORAH. It is in this sense that the Tzaddik is the perfect exemplar of the COVENANT – because the TORAH ITSELF IS THE COVENANT. The Tzaddik does more than merely conform to the letter of the Law. Even in what is permitted to him, he sanctifies himself to the ultimate degree. It is through his complete devotion to the highest ideals of Torah that the divine power of the Torah shines through him and gives him access to powers unattainable by those who have not reached a similar sanctity.”

Why Tzaddik? – Connecting Heavens and Earth
What makes the tzaddik qualified for this role? Because he has succeeded in conquering the physicality of this world, he is able to function as an agent or catalyst for bringing spirituality down into it.
The Tzaddik is also an intermediary. He is an agent between G-d and us. Yet, he is not an intermediary at all. God forbid that anyone should think he needs a medium between the Almighty and himself; not from his side, and certainly not from God’s. Rather, because the Tzaddik is one who has conquered the physicality of this world and entered the spiritual realm, he serves as an agent and a catalyst for bringing spirituality to this world. Having attained the wisdom and understanding necessary for serving God in a true and proper manner, the Tzaddik serves Him by bringing His will to mankind and by getting people to recognize God in all aspects of their lives. The average person cannot perceive G-d’s will, and therefore has to turn to someone who can. Thus, in this sense, the Tzaddik is an intermediary.
The true Tzaddik can take the most elevated aspects of Godliness and bring them down to a level at which the simplest person can relate to them. The Tzaddik gives direction.

Through our attachment to the True Tzaddik – through the knowledge of all the above and through following the Tzaddik’s guidance, a spark of the light of the holiness of the Tzaddik is drawn into us, each person according to their level. Even if you are very far removed from holiness, closeness to the True Tzaddik will at the very least bring you to realize how far you are from truth and from the path of the just, and how sunk you are in the opposite. You will then long for the truth and pray to come closer to G-d without falling into despair and depression. You will know that G-d is calling you and that you are precious in His eyes. The same applies to those on a higher level as well, each one on his own level: the closer they are to the True Tzaddik, the more they draw the holiness of the Tzaddik in upon themselves and walk in his pathway, knowing that everything is in the hand of G-d and praying constantly that they should come closer. Amen

Brit Hadshah Book:

The Jewish idea of keeping the Tzaddik central in our lives finds solace with the teachings of our own Tzaddik, Yeshua.

We believe that Yeshua lived as the consummate holy tzaddik (righteous man), fulfilling without blemish the mitzvot (commandments) of the Torah and bringing to perfection the human expression of the Divine inspiration. We believe that He died in atonement for the sins of Israel and of the entire world, was raised bodily from the dead, and ascended to heaven; and that He will return in glory at the end of the age to judge the world, to save those who belong to Him, and to accomplish the final Tikkun Olam (Correction of the World).
⦁ The mission of mashiach in his role of suffering is to initiate the regathering of the exiles or gather the lost sheep of Yisrael
⦁ Yeshua our Heavenly Tzaddik who embodied the soul of Torah and BECAME a covenant to the people.
⦁ LIGHT and Hashem’s Y’shuah (salvation) to the Goyim or Gentile nations.
⦁ As a Tzadik (righteous man who had overcome his evil inclination), he was empowered to rectify the judgments of Yizra’el, Lo-ruhamah and Lo-ami and even re-covenant with the “lost sheep of the House of Israel.” (Isaiah 49:8)

The Holy One and Righteous One [haTzaddik]”
⦁ Stephen calls him “the Tzaddik”
⦁ Peter refers to Yeshua as “the Holy One and Righteous One [haTzaddik]”
⦁ The Most High of our fathers has appointed you to know his will, and to see the Tzaddik”
⦁ Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Master Yeshua, giving thanks to Ancient Holy One the Father through Him.”  
⦁ Acts 3:14, Acts 7:52. Acts 22:12-14, Colossians 3:17

Of course, the true Tzadik is Messiah Himself. Chassidic followers would agree that Messiah will play this important role. For those of us that know Messiah Yeshua, it is clear that He is more than simply a Tzadik, but that He fulfills the role of both Mediator and Judge.
For there is one Creator and one Mediator between HaShem and men, the Man Mashiach Yeshua, …… -1Timothy 2:5-6

It is written in the book of Zohar, in a section called Zohar Chadash:  “If the heads of the communities, or even the head of one community, will do teshuvah, the exiles will be gathered in.” 
Rabbi Shneur Zalmen quotes this Zohar in a slightly different form:  “If only one Tzadik would do perfect teshuvah, Righteous Moshiach will reveal and would come in his generation.

We must focus on Teshuvah (Repentence), Tefillah (Prayer), and Tzedaka (Charity) that we may receive our King Mashiach, Yeshua the Heavenely Tzaddik, and that all the world will know Creator of heavens and earth.

Gaddi – President 
A Servant of the Most Ancient Holy One of Israel and Disciple of Tzaddik Yeshua HaMashiach